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Great examples of using Wall Stickers in your home

Posted: Nov 10 2016

In this blog post we are going to show some great examples and ideas for using wall stickers in your home.

Wall stickers can be used as an ideal way to decorate your children's bedroom or any other room in your house, but these wall stickers can be more than just a sticker on the wall they can allow you to theme a whole bedroom around a certain colour scheme or a jungle theme.

We have been sent lots of lovely images from our customers over the years so we would like to share these with you and give examples of how they have used our wall stickers in their homes.

Theme a bedroom

A great example below is from a recent purchase of our monochrome teepee wall stickers. This customer used our wall stickers to theme her children's bedroom around a teepee theme along with a teepee cabin bed and other decorative items which really fit well together and look fantastic.


Forest Friends Tree Wall Stickers

For this example, a customer purchased our Forest Friends Tree Wall Stickers set but before applying it to their wall they painted the room to suit this. They painted a lovely green hill in front of a blue sky, giving an amazing effect once the tree wall sticker was applied.

Birds nest in tree

Our birds nest in tree wall sticker is one of our most popular wall stickers because it is so versatile and will suit any room in your home.

The customer below shared their new babies bedroom where they had decorated the room using our wall sticker next to the cot to really bring the room to life.

Another example below one customer used this wall sticker on an empty wall in their dining room to really bring a feature to the birds nest tree filling up the empty space.

Children's Jungle Wall Stickers

Like the image below; use our wall stickers to fill up empty space on your children's bedroom walls, even if you have limited space to work with you can easily use a larger space for the tree but spread the animals around bedroom furniture and above the cot or bed.

The branch has been positioned really well too, right on the corner of the wall giving better effect to the tree design as a whole.

Pastel Jungle Animal Wall Stickers

Like the above image another customer used a set of draws to place our wall stickers around making use of the space in the room to decorate with our Pastel Jungle Animal Wall Stickers. Limited space in a bedroom doesn't mean you can't use wall stickers to decorate the room it just means that some of the items need spacing out to suit your needs.

Monkey Branch And Giraffe Wall Sticker

Debbie contacted us when she had used our Monkey branch and giraffe wall stickers to decorate her son's bedroom. She had placed the wall stickers around the baby change area and his cot, giving him full view of the monkey when he was being changed or the giraffe while in his cot. The colours make it bright to see and great interaction for the children when placed in a bedroom or playroom.

Personalised Kitchen Wall Sticker

Our personalised kitchen wall sticker is a great wall sticker for any family kitchen and will fill a wall space up while at the same time add a personal touch to your home.

As you can see below this customer decided to go for a nice green colour for their wall sticker but we have 28 colours to choose from for this design.

Dance in the rain Wall Sticker

A customer shared our "Dance in the rain" wall sticker which they had used on their living room wall to fill an empty wall above a shelf. The white text looks great on a their olive green wall and really suits their room so well.


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