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Why you should use wall stickers for your children's bedroom

Posted: Sep 13 2016

If there is one headache that plagues parents around the world, it has to be decorating your child’s bedroom. Whilst it may seem easy and perhaps even enjoyable a process, the truth is that you may spend days painting on a mural on the wall by hand, only for your little monkey to change their mind a year or two down the line and decide that the flavour of the month is now something much more grown up.

Of course, if this is the case then the option left open to you is to start all over again, wiping the walls clean (with a splash of magnolia paint) and transforming their room into something that they are much happier with.

However, worry not dear parents; we have another solution for you to make the whole process that little bit easier. Welcome to the wonderful world of children’s wall stickers; a place whereby you can create fantastic looks without the headache of redecorating.

What are the benefits of wall stickers over more conventional methods of decorating a room?

First of all, they offer a temporary solution, which is ideal for rented properties. Wall stickers are often made from vinyl (like ours!) which means that they can be re-positioned with little to no risk of damage to either the sticker itself or the wall it is being stuck to or taken off of.

By choosing wall stickers often the designs that you will find are incredibly intricate too, giving you an end result that you might not be able to achieve with paint alone.

Various Designs

Wall stickers are available in a wide variety or prices, designs and colours too. We have designed our own character sets from scratch and have various animal wall sticker sets or tree wall sticker sets or graphic wall stickers that we have created. Even better for shared rooms or even just a little one who can’t decide what to have, you can always have the option of mixing and matching the designs and styles that you have picked.

Personalised Wall Stickers

As well as this, many wall stickers UK stockists (like ourselves!) will sell personalised wall stickers whereby you can choose to have your child’s name incorporated into the design to really give them a sense of these stickers and their room, being special and just for them.

So what are you waiting for? With so many fun, quirky, bright and colourful designs out there the world of wall stickers is just waiting to make the process of decorating your child’s bedroom that little bit easier.

From princesses to monkeys, tree wall stickers to giraffes or even animal wall stickers, the possibilities are endless when you choose wall stickers over paint when it comes to your child’s bedroom. Don’t waste time frustrating yourself with a paintbrush, why not stick and go instead?


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