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Peony Fabric Wall Stickers



Inspired by Spring! We love our Peony fabric self-adhesive wall stickers.

Printed using our top of the range latex printer our children's wall stickers are waterproof and scratch proof.

Our peony wall stickers are avilable in two different set sizes.

Regular and large the sizes for which are given below

Each element is applied individually so overall size may vary.

7 x Peonies in various sizes plus assorted leaves.


2 x 38cm (w) x 36cm (h)

1 x 38cm (w) x 33cm (h)

1 x 29cm (w) x 25cm (h)

2 x 26cm (w) x 25cm (h)

1 x 22cm (w) x 21cm (h)

1 x 18.5cm (w) x 18cm (h)


2 x 57cm (w) x 55 cm (h) Peonies

1 x 58cm (w) x 50cm (h) Peony

1 x 45cm (w) x 39cm (h) Peony

1 x 29cm (w) x 38cm (h) Peony

1 x 34cm (w) x 33cm (h) Peony

1 x 30cm (w) x 26cm (h) Peony

To install simply peel from the backing paper and smooth onto your plastered walls.

The peonies and leaves are supplied as separate pieces so they can be placed where you wish.

We can also supply the acrylic name shown in a range of colours and sizes.

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